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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." 
Margaret Mead

The NCMCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the community of North and Central Merrick. Its territory includes all of Merrick north of Sunrise Highway to North Jerusalem Road and from the Meadowbrook Parkway east to the Bellmore border, excluding territories covered under the Merrick Park Homeowners Association (Merrick east of Merrick Avenue from Sunrise Highway to East Loines) and the Wenshaw Park area. 

Our goals are to better our community, preserve the quality of life of our suburban community, and protect the health, safety and welfare of our families.  We work closely with our neighboring civics, chambers, school districts, police and fire department, veterans and other organizations in helping our neighbors in need.  Some of the programs and projects we undertake are posted below.


The 1st Precinct of the Nassau County Police Department does a phenomenal job at protecting and serving the people of the Merricks.  However, they cannot be everywhere.  They need the community to be their eyes and ears.  The purpose of the Neighborhood Watch is to alert the police of suspicious activity in our area; be aware of our neighbors’ activities so that we know when to alert the police; learn how best to avoid becoming a victim; and to create a safe haven that staves off criminals.

This is not a vigilante group.  We do not have patrols.  We simply observe our community and call 911 if there is any suspicious activity.  As a participant, all that is expected is to be aware of suspicious activity on your block.  Basically, if you see something…say something.  Call 911 if you see anything unusual on your particular block.  Know your neighbors and their habits and call 911 if you see anything unusual. All 911 calls can be confidential.  As advised by the Community Policing Unit, please call 911 and not precinct directly. All calls are prioritized through the county’s computerized 911 system and are handled more quickly and effectively.

Joining the N Merrick Neighborhood Watch Program will allow us to notify homeowners quickly of any incident (mainly via email).   Emails will have a description of the incident and will provide as much detail without giving specific addresses, family names or other sensitive info. We are also in the process of getting Neighborhood Watch signs put up by the Town of Hempstead on all blocks that are participating in the program. 

We are always in need of Block Captains.  Block Captains will help recruit for the program and will be the lead point of contact for all incidents on your block.  This will allow him/her to piece together information that he/she may be receiving from other neighbors.  Your block captain will keep records and keep the Regional Director informed of all incidents.  This chain of contacts will make it easier for the Regional Directors to detect trends in the neighborhood and can serve as the liaison between the police and the community.  If you do not have a Block Captain, please report all incidents to Regional Director. 

The Regional Directors will report to the program director that will work with the police, the civic association and the community and determine if further action is needed.  We are currently looking to fill the program director position.  The program director sits on the board of the North and Central Merrick Civic Association and reports to the board at its monthly meetings.  The Regional Director and/or Program Director may hold separate meetings if it is deemed necessary.

Thank you for participating in this neighborhood program. 

A united community can prevent crime!


North Merrick Neighborhood Watch Regional Directors

Region 1

Claudia Borecky - 516-972-6988 (acting)

South of North Jerusalem to Southern State From Uniondale border to Bellmore border

Region 2

Lenny Goldstein     516-868-8490

South of SS Pkwy to Camp Ave between Meadowbrook Pkwy and Merrick Ave

Region 3

Sue Moller              516-939-8646

South of SS Pkwy to Camp Ave between Merrick Ave and Bellmore Border

Region 4

Mark Manas           516-379-1697

S of Camp Ave to Sunrise Hwy Between Meadowbrook Pkwy and Merrick Ave

Region 5

Audrey Ciuffo        516-223-0017

South of Camp Ave to Sunrise Highway,  between Merrick Ave and the  Bellmore border



We host two holiday events at Fraser Park in North Merrick for the children of our community - the Eggstravaganza in the Spring and the Halloween Spooktacular in the Fall.  Both events have become unique North Merrick traditions that live on in the memories of our children forever



Merrick Avenue Beautification Project

The NCMCA formed the Merrick Avenue Beautification Committee to beautify the base of the trees that line the business sections of Merrick Avenue.  It is the Committee’s intention to uniformly plant drought resistant, hardy plants so that very little care will be necessary to maintain their beauty.

We hope to unite our businesses with our community; give Merokeans a sense of pride in our hometown;  increase pedestrian traffic along Merrick Avenue; and attract newcomers to our community.

Adopt a Tree

 For $100, the NCMCA is offering families, individuals and businesses opportunities to Adopt A Tree.  By adopting a tree, you will receive a plaque with your business or family name on it, placed at tree, giving your business, family or friend a legacy that will live on forever.

Contributions can be made online by visiting or mailing your check to North Merrick Community Association, P.O. Box 500, Merrick, NY  11566.  Please indicate the location of the tree you wish to adopt.  Contributions to the NCMCA are tax deductible.  

Please call Claudia Borecky at 972-6988 or email her at  if you have any questions or concerns.


The NCMCA works closely with the American Legion Auxiliary Post 1282 in Merrick to help our veterans and soldiers that are bravely sacrificing their lives for our freedom.   Some ways we helped our soldiers have been purchasing toys for children of our deployed soldiers for the holidays, asking our children to give community service to wrap the presents and presenting them to the children at a party at the Merrick American Legion Post.  We collected toiletries and other gifts for monthly packages and holiday stockings to send to soldiers in Afghanistan.

We've marched with our veteran and community organizations in the Memorial Day Parade and presented ceremonial wreaths.


The NCMCA helps make our community safer by procuring stop signs at dangerous intersections and parking signage where necessary.  We resolve neighbor to neighbor problems with confidentiality and urge our representatives to meet our community's needs. 

The NCMCA is a strong advocate for the welfare of the community.  It is fighting for affordable water; finding parking solutions for the Merrick and Bellmore train stations; preserving our waterways and waste water management, and protecting and preserving the sanctity of our suburban family lives.

Our goal is to help our neighbors navigate through the bureaucracies of local government, work with the police to protect our families, address the needs of the community and improve the quality of life for the people in  Merrick, NY.

A community united can accomplish great things!

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The NCMCA is a volunteer organization and all officers and board members serve at no cost. Your membership fees are our only source of income and help us cover our expenses.

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